What I do

I work with small organisations to help them deliver their mission, be it educational, research or entrepreneurship. I am an expert in herb and spice research who can help you grow your food or healthcare business. I can help you keep up to date with the latest research news and discoveries.

I support community activities such as running herbal tea blending workshops, and delivering talks on how herbs can benefit our daily health.

What you do

You may be in the food industry developing products such as herbal beverages, snacks or supplements. You may be a wellbeing or healthcare company looking for herbal research information. You may be an event organiser looking for a herbal industry expert to speak, or looking for an experienced writer to produce articles. Do get in touch for an informal chat.

About me

Viv has been a herbal and health researcher for over thirty years. She’s worked across human health, pet care, herbals and biosciences, so is good at pulling together different groups of people, and understanding different perspectives.

What I value

I value organisations who put people and the planet at the heart of what they do. We have to spark people’s curiosity in the world around them to meet the challenges we face for our health, ecosystems and climate.

Services and support

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Unleash your curiosity today

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