Dr Viv Rolfe PhD, MBA

I am a freelance herbal and health researcher who works with companies, charities and individuals. I’ve been a researcher all of my career in universities, hospitals, the food and herbal tea industry, and in pet care. I don’t ever sit in one camp – qualitative or quantitative research, orthodox or traditional medicine. Hence the idea for Curiosity Research was born in 2022 to use my expertise to help where I can.

🌿 I have a PhD in gut physiology and Foundation in Herbal Medicine, and I know herbal scientific evidence inside out.
🌼 I can help translate the science into innovation or education, for example sleep, stress, women’s health or immunity.
🌿 I know networks of herbal researchers around the globe should you wish to set up research projects.
🌼 Communications? Look no further! I have published over 50 scientific papers including clinical trials and systematic/scoping reviews.
🌿 Stick me on a stage with a microphone and I am in my happy place, as I’m an accomplished speaker and musician.
🌼 I run herbal workshops in my local community in Dursley, Gloucestershire, including using herbs for health and herbal tea blending.
🌿 I’ve an MBA which specialised in entrepreneurship so can help develop your business skills or that of your team.

I regularly present my work at conferences, festivals and events, and I contribute to podcasts and webinars. The photograph on this page is me talking about turmeric at the River Cottage festival in 2019. My dress is dyed using the spice.

You can read more about my research on Orchid and ResearchGate, and more about me on LinkedIn.

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NOTE: I talk about herbs in relation to our day to day health, and the knowledge I share is based on the scientific evidence. I am not a qualified practicing herbalist and I do not give advice on people’s medical conditions. I will always recommend that people see a qualified herbal practitioner if they require specific help. (A herbal practitioner or medical herbalist is someone with a four year (or longer) accredited qualification and who is a member of a professional association. I am happy to advise if you find someone you would like to talk with).