Why Curiosity?

Curiosity’s founder Viv has always valued nature and was involved in woodland conservation as a child growing up in Kent, and helped audit the numbers of trees felled and counted the rings to estimate their age. Many years on, having got the research bug, she worked at Pukka Herbs, the Bristol-based organic herbal tea and supplement company which became part of Unilever and then Lipton Teas and Infusions. Within five years there she and her team had created a vibrant programme of herbal research, with over twenty university partners and many peer-reviewed publications as a result. In 2023 she completed an MBA in Entrepreneurship and focused on how companies can grow their entrepreneurial capabilities, and particularly the individual skills and mindset required.

Therefore she founded Curiosity to combine all of these interests – research, entrepreneurship and natural sciences. She hopes to have a wider scale impact by working with a larger number of companies also interested in herbs, health and wellbeing.

Viv sees the world now as a place where we need to take urgent action. Curiosity, and the services that it offers, will enable her to work with organisations who are on a similar mission. Viv would be happy to engage with projects large or small. With her B Corp background (Pukka Herbs Ltd), she can work with mission or purpose-led brands or firms.

Viv is presently working with:

The National Centre for Integrative Medicine, Bristol
The Health and Wellbeing Trust education platform
The Herbal Alliance